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A man applies to be a truck driver at a new company and gets hired. “I’ve got one demand, though,” says the man to his new employer. “Since you hired me, you gots to hire Dave.” “Who’s that?” says the boss. “My partner. He drives when I sleep, and I drive when he sleeps,” the new guy says. “You’ve gotta take Dave.” “Well, answer this question satisfactorily and I’ll hire Dave too,” says the boss. “You’re going down a hill, your brakes go out, and up ahead is a bridge with an 18-wheeler jackknifed across it. What would you do?” “I’d wake up Dave,” replies the man. “How’s that going to help?” “We’ve been together for 25 years,” says the new guy, “and he ain’t never seen a wreck like the one we’re about to have!”

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No one likes paying eBay listing fees, so here is a way to advertise your item without paying. First, search for the item you’re trying to sell and click on an auction for it that’s about to close. Next, click on “bid history,” and see who’s been out-bid for the item. E-mail the person at the top of this list (meaning this person was willing to pay the most for the item), and inform him or her that you have the same item for sale, too. Settle on a price, and bypass all that eBullshit entirely.

Q: submited by Amy
My guy wants me to shave down there. Is it safe, and what's the best way to do it?

Shaving your pubic hair is as safe as shaving any other body part. Plus, going bare down there has certain pluses: You're more sensitive to stimulation, and the feel -- not to mention the sight -- of a manicured mane can send a guy's libido skyrocketing. Whether you do the shaving solo or make it part of foreplay and have your man help you defuzz, take it slow so you don't nick the sensitive skin. Before you start to shave, trim the hair with a manicuring scissor. Next, take a warm bath or shower to soften the remaining pubes so they are easier to remove. (Covering the area for a few minutes with a warm, wet washcloth will also do the trick.) Then, smear on some shaving gel or lotion, but be careful not to get any inside your vagina. When you're ready to start shaving, get into a comfortable position. You can lie on a towel with your legs spread if your guy is helping you out; otherwise, stand in the shower with one leg on the edge of the tub. Make sure you use a new, i.e., sharp, razor and hold the area taut with the hand you don't use to shave so the razor can glide easily. If you have sensitive skin, you'll lower the chances of getting ingrown hairs or razor bumps if you shave in the direction that the hair grows. You'll also have to figure out how much hair you want to remove. You can simply tidy up the region, leave a landing strip or go completely bald. If you decide you like having a cropped private area, you may want to consider other pubic-hair removal techniques, such as waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal. While shaving is the cheapest solution, it requires the most upkeep, and the less-than-sexy stubble that results from regrowth can be pretty itchy.


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BRANSON, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- It may drive grammarians crazy, but a Branson, Missouri, man has legally changed his name to the pronoun "they." The 44-year-old formerly known as Andrew Wilson (and now known as "They") says the moniker swap started as a family joke because he always wondered, "Who is this `they' when people say `They say this' and `They say that?'" They says he has a good sense of humor and decided to legally change his name and take responsibility for They. He even has a driver's license with the name on it. They is also an inventor and holds 14 patents, including Ground-Effect lighting -- a neon light that fits under cars -- and Shades Eyewear, sunglasses which have a visor extending a half-inch from the top to shade the glare of the sun. Of course, being the face of They comes with baggage -- mostly, the reputation of being a kill-joy. But They says "that's the yin and yang of life." They has no intention of ever changing his name back to Andrew Wilson and says his friends tell him, "If anyone but you changed your name to They, they would think he had a problem."

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