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A married man goes out for a pack of cigarettes one night, and, since the store was closed and the next closest place open was a bar, he decides to go in and have a drink. After a couple of beers, a young blonde sits down beside him. The two start talking, and end up leaving together. After a long night of sex the man looks at the clock and says, “Oh, my God! My wife is gonna kill me! Quick: Do you have any baby powder?” “Baby powder?” the woman asks. “Yes, here.” The man spreads the powder all over his hands, and drives home. When he gets home, his wife asks, “Where have you been?” He proceeds to tell her about the blonde and the long night of sex. “You expect me to believe that?” she says. “Let me see your hands.” As he puts out his hands, she says, “You liar! You’ve been out with your friends all night bowling again!”

All Playboy Models -Keep The Lotion Handy.
Cinemorgue -Hot Actresses And Death Scenes.
Visual Thesaures. -Awesome Site!
Most Expensive Fucks -UK Style!
Awesome Wallpapers -Sweet!
Kicking Kings -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat....Big Resturants!

Work at a major restaurant chain? My brother profited for years using this cheat at that restaurant that boils live lobsters until they’re red. Anywho, several times a year they would run a coupon in the big Sunday newspaper offering five dollars off any meal. Knowing this ahead of time, he and many of his coworkers would get up early and attack newspaper pull boxes seeking coupons. When a customer placed an order, my brother would slip in the coupon with their payment, and pocket the extra five dollars. If any customers had their own coupon, he’d spit in their food. Just kidding.

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Q: submitted by Rich

I feel like girls string me along whenever I'm in a relationship. Usually, my relationships start out as friendships and then turn deeper. Girls usually accept my interest and affection at first, but once I put effort into the relationship, they ignore me or don't seem interested. When I act like I'm not interested, they come back pleading for another chance. Is it wrong for me to be bitter about this? Or should I take some blame and give them a second chance?

There's no doubt that you bear part of the blame because you've established very manipulative qualities in these relationships from the start. It sounds like you worm your way into these "friendships" so that when girls feel connected to you, you manipulate them into a romantic relationship, which is what you had in mind in the first place. Then, if they lose interest in you, you threaten them with the loss of a friendship you've established. They're basically being forced to like you or lose you. You're obviously very afraid of rejection, and maybe you set your sights on women you can't get unless you manipulate the relationship. Here's the solution: if you're interested in more than a friendship with a woman, make that clear at the beginning of the relationship. Be honest. Women like men who are up-front about their feelings in a genuine, emotional way. It's okay to establish a friendly rapport, but ask her out right away so she knows exactly what your intentions are. You might have to settle for being friends if she's not interested in anything more, but that's better than getting into this relationship mind game.


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In a December New York Times dispatch from Jidda, Saudi Arabia, concerning the heavily religious-law-regulated Perdu lingerie shop, its female marketing director said that about 85 percent of Saudi women wear ill-fitting bras, perhaps because the law requires that sales clerks in public stores be men. According to the Times, "(W)hile women may be berated for showing a ... leg or an arm (in public), they must ask strange men for help in assessing their bra size." [New York Times, 12-3-02]

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