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A biker walks into a yuppie bar and shouts, “All lawyers are assholes!” He looks around, obviously hoping for a challenge. Finally a guy comes up to him, taps him on the shoulder, and says, “Take that back.” The biker says, “Why? Are you a lawyer?” “No, I’m an asshole.”

Sweet Release -Change The Taste Of Your Fluids.
Alcohol and Ammo -Funny Flash.
Man-Milk Or Moo Milk! -Fun But Nasites!
Comic Strip Creator -Very Cool!
Icy Hot Stunaz Reincarnation -Hilarious!
Feed The baby -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat....Rental Car Companies!

Managers at many rent-a-car companies are promoted according to their customer service score. So, next time you rent a car, upon returning it complain that the car was dirty, that it stalled on you several times, or that you found remnants of the last customer’s unborn offspring in the back seat. Pour it on by declaring your disappointment with the level of service you’ve received. They will ask you what you’d like them to do about it. Depending on what you ate that day, you may ask for 30, 40, even 50 percent off or a free day. They will likely accommodate you, no questions asked. If they don’t, ask for the manager, and if he doesn’t budge, ask for his boss’s name. Most rental car managers are strongly discouraged from letting complaints reach upper management and will change their attitude immediately. contributions or suggestions to

Q: submitted by Farah

When is it actually considered inappropriate to sleep with someone that your friend is/has been sleeping with?

I thought for a long time that I had the simple answer to this question, but according to a few other people I was wrong. I've been a long time trying to get over something that seemed like no big deal at the time, but to me, is a big deal, and the more people try to play it down, it gets to me more! I'll try to make this story short. . . I met this girl one day through a friend, we started hanging out, talking, getting along, one night a few months down the road, we had sex, and continued to have sex with no committment, I didn't want her for a gf and I knew she felt the same way, in fact, i figured she was sleeping with other people, we just never talked about it, so I never worried about it. We got into this huge stupid fight and didn't talk for almost a year, then last summer we hooked up again. Had sex a few more times over the summer, then one night she was over and very casually was like "oh - did (we'll call her jack!) jack tell you we had sex" - then realized I was suprised, said she was joking and abruptly left. I didn't think about it again until jack called me one night and said that he wanted to tell me that he and (we'll call him Jenny!) Jenny had had sex, a few times over the course of the summer, and that he felt like he should tell me since jenny told him she already had. At first I had the mind set that it didn't matter, she definately wasn't my gf, what difference did it make? And suddenly one day it did matter, he was my boy, and even though it was all just "casual" - it suddenly wasn't right to me that he was so ok with having sex with her at the same time that I was. Maybe I'm crazy, a few people agree with me, some are like "it's just sex, what difference does it make" - So I think this situation is differnt for everyone. Let me know what you fellow sublimers think and ill post the results in the mail room.


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Lawsuits were filed in Chicago in February and in Hangzhou, China, in January demanding that theaters stop showing advertisements (not just the "previews") that run past a movie's announced starting time. Lawyers Mark Weinberg and Zhang Yang charged the theaters with fraud because of the three- to four-minute ad blitzes they endured recently after they had been expecting the films to get under way. The Chicago lawyer demanded a refund plus $75 in damages; the lawyer in China demanded a refund plus the equivalent of $4.50. [Chicago Sun-Times, 2-19-03] [Sydney Morning Herald-Agence France-Presse, 1-6-03]

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