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A distraught young woman decides to throw herself into the ocean. Down at the docks, a handsome young sailor notices her tears, takes pity on her, and says, "Hey, youíve got a lot to live for. All you need is a new start. Iím off to Europe in the morning, and if you like, I can stow you away on my ship. Iíll take good care of you and bring you food every day." Moving closer, he slips his arm around her shoulders and adds, "Iíll keep you happy, and youíll keep me happy." She agrees, and the sailor brings her aboard that night and hides her in a lifeboat. Every night he brings her three sandwiches and a piece of fruit and they make passionate love until dawn. Three weeks later, during a routine search, she is discovered by the shipís captain. "What are you doing here?" the captain asks. "I have an arrangement with one of the sailors," she explains. "Heís taking me to Europe, and heís screwing me." "He sure is, lady," says the captain. "This is the Staten Island ferry."

Trance Formation -Controlled By Dick Cheany.
Ode To Dale Earnhardt -Rednecks Are Gonna Be Pissed.
Nitrous + Dodge Neon -Good Times for Under 20 Bucks!
WTC -Great Resolution Pics From Sept 11!
Jack Black -Make Some Prank Calls!
World Cup Fever -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat.... Pay Per View
Order Vince McMahonís next pay-per-view assault on American popular culture, and call the cable company somewhere in the middle of it. Complain that youíre losing signal every 10 minutes for about two minutes at a time, and that itís interfering with your thorough enjoyment of the program. Theyíll remove the charge from your account, and youíll get to watch greasy meatheads flick each othersí nuts for free.
Papak Savannah, GA

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Q: submitted by Rick

jd, everytime my wife gets drunk she wants to have sex. the only problem is she gets really sloppy, her breath smells like ass and i don't want to bang her. what should i do?

i'm in the same boat with you dude. to me there really is nothing worse than a sweaty drunk chik mumbling that she wants to have sex in your ear. not to mention every really drunk chik is horrible lay. if i were you i would stop sweating it and not even try and go for the bang. i do not know why girls think it is any different for them when it comes to this kind of scenario. how many chiks are ready to bang their boyfriend that is drunk as hell and all nasty from a night of partying. the only exception is when BOTH people are drunk as hell and try one of those late night ripped as hell bangs. so, when a girl is super ripped i like to go for the following technique. i lay them down on the bed and tell them i'm going to go do something (like get a glass a water or something). when they are that drunk and don't have someone to yap at they pass right out. now you have put the blathering drunk girl to rest now what about you? come to terms that every night can not be a threesome with your girlfriend and a stripper and just rub one out to your favorite rocco vid. good luck!


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Distance Shooting!

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In a May dispatch from Cuba, The Wall Street Journal reported that Fidel Castro proposed in 1987 to alleviate a chronic milk shortage by trying to get his scientists to clone the most productive cows, shrunk to the size of dogs so that each family could keep one inside its apartment. The cows would feed on grass grown inside under fluorescent lights. Cuba was the home of the late Ubre Blanca, the Guinness book record-holder as the most milk-productive cow of all time. [Wall Street Journal, 5-21-02]


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"The newest boy band sensation........N'Chync"-Andy
"And the number one reason to get your high school diploma isÖ!" -Mackie
"The original Wu-Tang Clan!." -Blackie

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