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Happy with all the porn you are taking off sublime.. time to give something back...
This week's sublime times features more jokes, cool sites, cheat tips, and of course
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A seaman meets a pirate in a bar, and the talk turns to their adventures. The seaman notes that the pirate has a peg leg, a hook, and an eye patch. "How did you end up with the peg leg?" he asks. The pirate replies, "I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. As my men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off." "Wow!" says the seaman. "What about your hook?" "Well," answers the pirate, "we were boarding a ship when one of the enemy hacked off my hand." "Incredible!" says the seaman. "How’d you get the eye patch?" "A sea gull shit in my eye," the pirate replies. "You lost your eye to a sea gull dropping?" the seaman asks. "Well," says the pirate, "it was my first day with the hook."

Celeb Sound Board -Fav Lines From Great Movies.
Family Photo Album -Real Scary.
Sex Moves -Try Them And Tell Us About It!
Large Penis Support Group -The Pain, The Agony!
3 Brains -Hilarious Flash!
Dj Fu Wax Attack -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat.... Bill Collectors!
If you’re dead broke, but have to send payment for the rent, utilities, or student loans, just write the check out completely, but do not sign it. Then, send it out. Without your signature, bill collectors won’t be able to cash your checks. When they call to bitch, tell them you’re sorry, and that you’ll send them another check. By then you should have bought yourself enough time to knock over a liquor store.
T. Blackwell NY, NY

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Q: submitted by Nick

I need to make money AND fast JD! what can i do?

ok, i'll list all the things i can think of. it is up to you to decide how desperate you are and to choose the one that is right for you! ;-)
1. give blood. pays around 25-50 bucks.
2. sell your sperm. pays around 40-200 bucks and must qualify.
3. baby sit. pays around 5-10 bucks/hour and can't be a perv!
4. sell weed. low stakes probably good for a grand a month. oh yeah, its illegal.
5. be a bookie. 10% "vig" on all bets but need a bank roll to pay off when you lose too many. also illegal.
6. throw a party. get a couple of kegs and charge 5 bucks for admission. good for a 100-500 bucks!
7. participate in college study. ranges from sleep tests to drug testing. pay varies greatly. read more here.
8. submit a joke to a magazine. pays 100-500 bucks if used.
9. sell your stuff to a pawn shop. get ready to be REALLY low balled.
10. submit a video clip to sublime for the basement! pays up to 1000 bucks!


This is our special section that will bring you a new sublime clip every week. It will either be filmed by us or sent in by you guys.

All Charged UP!

to view clip: right click mouse and choose "save target as" option. save the file "sexy.wmv" to your desktop. once downloaded simply double click the new "sexy.wmv" icon on your desktop to watch the movie.

Now Lets try Double AA!

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China's youth and young adults are increasingly beyond the communist government's control in their spending and leisure habits, according to a May dispatch in Toronto's Globe and Mail. Although party leaders still appear on "most-admired" lists, so do Bill Gates and pop stars such as the Taiwanese boy band F4, and older Chinese complain that superficial, amoral kids know more lyrics of Michael Jackson than sayings of Mao Tse-tung. (The government recently banned an imported, 15-episode TV show starring F4, but had to back down because of the boys' popularity among screaming teen-age girls and because of complaints by government TV stations that they needed the advertising revenue the show would bring in.) [Globe and Mail, 5-25-02; International Herald Tribune, 6-10-02]


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