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A man and his wife are in the shower together when the doorbell rings. The wife puts on a robe and goes down to answer the door. In walks her husband’s friend Ben. The woman tells him her husband’s in the shower and asks if he can come back later. Instead, Ben steps in and quietly says, "I have $400 in my pocket. I’ll give it to you if you’ll open your bathrobe for me." She’s offended, but really needs the money so she agrees, opens her robe, and lets Ben have a quick peek before doing it up again. Ben gives her the $400, and she opens the door for him to leave, but he says, "I have another $400 in my other pocket. I’ll give it to you if you let me touch your breasts." Now she’s really mortified, but again, she needs the money, so she undoes her robe and lets him have a quick feel. Taking the other $400 from him, she lets him out the door. Going back upstairs, she gets back in the shower with her husband, feeling a little bit guilty. "Who was that?" the husband asks. "Oh, that was just Ben," the wife answers. "Ben?" the husband says. "That son of a bitch owes me 800 bucks!"

Tabasco Challange -Can You Do It.
Video Rocketry -Awesome Rocket Cams.
The Pledge Of the Allegiance -One Side Of The Coin!
Real Bad Day -Nut Sack Pic!
Shoot It Flash -Upload Any Pic And Shoot It!
Lusty BarFly -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat.... A Drug Test.. In An Hour!
A perfect delaying tactic is Test Clear’s “Ready Clean” ($30), a drink mix that blocks any trace of toxins in your body for a period of 3–5 hours. Chug this tasty beverage an hour before the test and you’re golden.
L. Sharpton Sacramento, CA

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Q: submitted by Roger

i really have a problem recognizing when a girl orgasms; i mean, alot of girls i've hooked up with are to embarrassed or timid i guess to make any noise or say anything, so i can always guess, but i'm never sure...i know there is the possibility that these girls just aren't cumming, but i have trouble believing that this is always the case...this bothers me alot because i feel guilty if i get off and the girl doesn't...could you give me a few tell-tale signs of how to recognize when a girl reaches orgasm?

first off, let me say that there are a number of tell tale signs of whether or not a girl has had an orgasm -- but, before i get to that, let me suggest what you want to try and achieve with your partner. namely, trust. you want to get to the point where you feel comfortable talking about things so there is no need to lie. you want to be able to tell her that you love watching beast porn while she bangs you in the ass with a strap-on and at the same time you want her to be able to tell you when something doesn't "work" for her. open lines of communication while remembering to not be uptight about the whole subject is key. i can tell you though that just by really caring about whether your partner is satisfied is already a step in the right direction. ok, with that out of the way lets go over the signs. when a girl is cumming both her heart rate and breathing will have come to a climax and her muscles will start to have spasms that range anywhere between very subtle to "holy shit call an ambulance". unless a girl is a real actress i don't see her faking spasms. i think the most obvious way to really tell is that you will actually feel her pussy pulse a bit, increase in wetness, and nipples get hard while she is actually cumming. then, when she is done cumming, her whole vaginal canal will loosen up a bit. so that combined with the increased wetness means her pussy will feel like a sloppy mess and if you were doing things right well be "blown out". ;-) at this point i like to do some really slow and SOFT caressing of her whole pussy area to get it ready for round two while i slowly tease my rod, but thats a whole other story...


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During the same week in February that the Westminster Dog Show opened in New York City, United Arab Emirates held its first-ever beauty contest for camels in Abu Dhabi, with total prize money of about $27,000. And in June, an Interlachen, Fla., farmer named a goat (which he said came from a long line of show goats) Li'l Dale when it was born with a white marking in the shape of a "3" on its brown coat (and which the hundreds of Floridians who flocked to see it thought was surely a divine sign about the late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt). (Babe Ruth also wore number 3, but the visitors seemed certain the goat did not refer to him.) [BBC News, 2-8-02]


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"Well...yes Dr....I do swallow...why do you ask?!"-Stank
"thats the last time i let him use rogaine for lube when he titty fucks me" -Ryan
"Miss Taliban 2002 contestant getting ready for the swimsuit competition......" -DJ

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