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... a gay guy is walking down a street late at night and sees a homeless man sleeping on a bench. the gay guy goes up to him and tries to wake him up, but the homeless guy reeks of alcohol and is obviously passed out. the gay guy looks around and seeing that no one else is around, pulls the homeless guy's pants down and fucks him in the ass, pulls the guys pants back up and puts a $10 bill in his hand and leaves. the next morning the homeless man wakes up and is astonished "wow, i've got 10 dollars" he says and quickly goes to the corner liquour store. he goes in and tells the clerk "i want 10 dollars of your cheapest wine" so the clerk gives him his 10 dollars worth of wine and the bum heads back to his bench, drinks the wine, gets drunk and passes out. that night, the gay guy comes down the street with his friend and the gay guy says "hey, he's there again". so the two guys go up to the homeless man, look around, then pull his pants down and they both take turns fucking him in the ass, they pull his pants back up and they each put a 10 dollar bill in his hand. the next morning, the homeless man wakes up and is excited again as he sees he's got 20 dollars now. so he heads to the corner liquour store and tells the clerk he wants 20 dollars of the cheapest wine there. so the clerk gives him his 20 dollars of cheap wine and the homeless man goes back to his bench, drinks the cheap wine and passes out stone drunk again. that night, the gay guy comes down the street with 10 of his gay friends. they look around and pull the homeless man's pants down and each of them fuck him in the ass. they all get done, pull up his pants and they each leave him 10 dollars in his hand. the next morning the homeless man wakes up a can't believe his eyes "man o' man, 100 freakin' dollars!!" he goes up to the liquour store and tells the clerk he has 100 dollars to spend. the clerk goes "i know, i know, you want 100 dollars worth of the cheapest wine" and the homeless man says "well, no, actually i'm gonna get something a bit more expensive" the clerk keeps listening intently, "cause that cheap wine is really tearing my ass up!!"

Dildo Man - Super hero for all Chicks
Icy Hot Stunaz - The biggest gangsters of the hip/hop world.
Fucking Machines - WOW! Babes that use this must be WILD!
Spammed Lately -Write Spam back
European Cannonball - Cool race around Europe
Free Stuff
I live out in Phoenix, AZ, and I am almost sure this works for any @home service provider, granted that you can get cable TV and cable modem service through the same company. Just call them up and ask them for the cable modem access, after the come out and hook up your cable modem, buy a couple cable splitters and maybe a cable amplifier, wire the coaz cable through your house, and voila, you have cable TV in every room plus cable modem access. =)- chris

Hey Doc JD,

Q: submitted by Jimmmy
Doc JD, well I've recently been going out with this chick I met, but everytime we're about to get intimate I kinda back out, I'm not circumsized and I'm afriad that she won't like me afterwords what do chicks really think about it? thanx

jimmy...don't sweat it! lots of guys are not circumsized. according to the circumcision resource center up to 40% of men in the US are not circumsized and that figure grows to 85% outside of the US. unless she is a total prude i am sure she has seen plenty already. heck, maybe she is a slut and has seen millions...just kidding. ;-) plus, girls are such horn doggers that if she has never seen one before she will probably get rather excited (just think of how excited you get when you see a new vagina specimen...they come in so many exciting shapes and sizes). lastly, according to many sources men that are circumsized in adulthood complain of a serious drop in sensitivity. so embrace the fact that you have an extra sensitive johnson (unless of course this girl is all teeth when she sucks dick). so, don't even sweat it...take this girl out for a nice evening, have a couple of drinks and show her your meat puppet. lmk how it goes! ;-)


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Nude Skydiving?!?!

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Nothing like air on your body

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According to police in Wethersfield, Conn., Richard Levitt, 42, secretly videotaped himself having sex with a girlfriend and decided to post the video on the Internet, which caused problems when the girlfriend found out, and more problems when a second Levitt girlfriend found out, and even more problems when Mrs. Levitt found out. (The girlfriends met and together confronted Levitt and his wife at home at 2 a.m. on March 25.) Levitt was arrested for disseminating voyeuristic materials.


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"Mexican breast implant sales seem to have dropped in the last month!! - Abraham
we both got mellons but only u can boast rotten crotch... Bill
Not having $100 bucks, Jimmy decides to play with his own melons.- Jaime

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