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As the TransCanadian train pulled into Calgary station, a couple of strangers, a man and an attractive woman, boarded the train and asked the conductor if there were any berths left. He said that he was sorry but there was only one left, a double bunk berth. The man turned to the woman and said, "Well it's a long trip, so if you don't mind, why don't we share, I'll take the top bunk and you have the bottom one, is that OK with you?" The woman readily agreed so they settled down for the night. About two hours later, as the train was getting well into the foothills of the Rockys and it was getting a bit cold, the man leaned over the edge of his bunk and said to the woman,"Are you still awake?" She answered "Yes, why?" The man, shivering, said, "Could you pass me that blanket on the dresser there, it's getting quite chilly up here?" The woman answered "I've got a better idea, lets play man and wife!" The man excitedly said "Sure!" So the woman said: "In that case, get your own fucking blanket!"

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Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat.... Hotels!
Iíve worked in a couple of hotels, and there are several tricks that can save you money. First of all, most hotels offer AARP, AAA, etc., discounts, and will give them to you without proof of affiliation. Also, hotels charge more for extra guests, so just tell the clerk that you are staying solo. Finally, most hotels donít have fixed rates, and the clerks donít make money off sales, so, with a little bargaining and a nominal tip, the front-desk guy will most likely book you cut-rate accommodations.
Nick Chicago, IL

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Q: submitted by Space

J.D., My question is about a problem that seems to be getting more and more serious as I get older. I am a 24 year old male, and have shucked my share of clams over the past number of years. I have always gotten a label as being good in the sack.....until now. My penis just doesn't want to cooperate with me. I seem to have no problem achieving an erection, however the little guy just doesn't want to stand around for too long. Erections seem to last only a few minutes at best, and I then go flacid regardless of whether or not I achieve orgasm. Most times, he doesn't come back. As you can imaging, this has complicated sex for me. Is viagra a good idea? Is it mental? Should I try animals? Please help!!


my bet is its purely mental. i think what is happening is you are hooking up with a girl, getting hard, but then start thinking about keeping the erection and loose it. this is kind of a problem that feeds on itself b/c the only real solution is to stop thinking about it but the more it happens the more you can not stop thinking about it. you are not happens to the best of us. it is just like a batting slump for a baseball player. luckily we have viagra to pull us through these "slumps." i would definitely give the trusty old V a try. your cock will be throbbing hard and that should help to keep your mind off the problem temporarily. try taking less and less each time so that you are finally like fuck it, i don't need any. hopefully by that point you will be back to thinking about making that pussy cum and not keeping your ole' one eyed bandit at attention. there is one possible caveat though. you can start to get "mentally" addicted to banging on viagra. the thing is you've got nothing to lose by trying so give it a whirl. you can just search on google for viagra and find a million places that sell it online. another thing you can try doing once you go limp again is to just "shift gears" a bit. instead of trying to get it hard again right away take a breather. start licking/teasing your girls pussy for awhile. slowly start building until you get her pussy cumming all over your face. by this time you should be rested and the fact that a girl is trembling and cumming all over your bed should have you "up" and ready again. not to mention her pussy will be warmed up now and cum easier and easier each time. try some of these things out and you will be bangin' again like rocco in no time. oh yeah, as far as the animals rule of thumb is only if the animal has tan lines and a nice fat pussy.


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New York University researchers writing in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that sex-abstaining women and women whose partners wear condoms were more frequently depressed and concluded that hormones in semen may enter the bloodstream and pep women up (May). And Concordia University (Montreal) researchers reported that their PT141 drug seems to encourage female rats to solicit sex from males three times as often as they otherwise would and are scheduling human trials (May). And Hebrew Rehabilitation Center (Boston) researchers found that the grain in beer (which men consume far more than women) must be a major reason why men suffer less osteoporosis (July). [New York Post, 5-20-02] [BBC News, 5-20-02] [ (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), 7-4-02]

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