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After years of hard work, an ambitious yuppie books himself on a Caribbean cruise. He has the time of his life until the boat sinks and he ends up on a desert island. A month later the man looks out to sea and sees a gorgeous woman rowing to shore. He asks her where she’s come from. “I was shipwrecked last year,” she says. “I’ve been stranded on the other side of the island.” “Where did you get the rowboat?” “I made it out of gum trees and palm branches,” she replies. “But you had no tools!” he says. “I used volcanic rocks to whittle the wood, and eucalyptus jelly as glue.” The woman takes the man to the other side of the island and leads him into an elaborate bungalow with ceiling fans and furniture she made out of vines. The man can’t believe his eyes. They sit down, and she smiles at him. “Now, tell me,” she says, looking deep into his eyes. “Is there something you’ve been desiring while you’ve been alone? You know… ” “Do you mean,” he whispers, “I can check my E-mail from here!?!”

Mail Order Brides -Some Are Hotties.
DisInfo -Quiz.
Sopranos -Get A Gangasta Nickname!
Nuclear Attack -Would You Survice One!
Bitch Test -How Bitchy Are You!
Helicopter Flight -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Since you’ve got access to your opponent’s nonhandled ends and most of your competitors are customarily blotto, it’s almost too easy… When your opponent’s in control of the ball, “accidentally” bump against his lines to jar the ball loose. Just make sure the rod isn’t in a sensitive area when you’re doing it. (We know, funny stuff—unless it’s you.) When your opponent’s gotten over that distraction, wait until the ball’s deep inside your territory, or when he’s not manning his defense for just a moment, and gently turn his last bar until his goalie’s horizontal. You shoot…you score! And, to make all this fun low-cost fun, when playing foosball at a bar, place crumpled-up newspaper in each goal. Make sure to push the paper down far enough that the manager can’t see it, and you can foos all night long!

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Q: submitted by Jesse

jd i found a folder with bestiality pictures in it on my boyfriends computer. i don't mind my boyfriend looking at porno but bestiality is a little perverted don't you think? i'm worried that my boyfriend is a total perv now. what do you think?

it is cool that you don't mind your b/f checking out porn. every guy i know, or have ever known, checks out porn. if your b/f or husband knows you are alright with the fact that he checks it out then you are one step ahead of the game. these women that are militant anti-porn preachers and swear that their husband never has or will watch porn are always the ones to find out that their husbands have been getting banged in the ass with 14 inch dildos by a co-worker. having fantasies and being able to discuss them in the open is really important. supress them and you'll just get more and more perverted...just ask all those priests. ;-) so back to your b/f. what are some of the most popular shows on tv right now? shows that shock and amaze. humans have an obsession with seeing things they have never seen before and i think this holds true in the case of your discovery. every guy i know has seen some beast pics at one time or another. i wouldn't sweat your discovery and just make sure that it isn't some kind of obsession. just look for signs. you know, maybe if his dog is wearing lipstick one day you might want to worry! ;-)


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Hopping Truck

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September reports in the New York Post and the Toronto Star, quoting parents' Web site "reviews" of the Mattel $19.99 Nimbus 2000 plastic-replica broomstick from the latest Harry Potter movie, highlighted its battery-powered special effect: vibration. Wrote a Texas mother: "I was surprised at how long (my daughter and her friends) can just sit in her room and play with this magic broomstick." Another said her daughter fights her son for it but complains that "the batteries drain too fast." A New Jersey mother, sensing a problem, said her daughter could keep playing with it, "but with the batteries removed." Still another mother, age 32, said she enjoyed it as much as her daughter. [New York Post, 9-7-02; Toronto Star, 9-7-02]

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"as the Anna Nicole show nears it's fifth season, producers are getting more and more desperate for ratings"-Alex
"Aunt Bertha- The other white meat." -Sled
"and after further review the play stands as called....TOUCHDOWN!!!!"-Jesse

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