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Worried about their less-than-exciting sex life, a young wife sent her husband to a therapist, who wound up treating him with self-hypnosis. And, to the wife's joy, everything got much better. However, she could not help but notice that each night, early into their lovemaking, the husband would dash out to the bathroom for several minutes. This tormented her until finally, one night, she followed him. There, in front of the mirror, she found him applying this therapeutic technique: “She’s not my wife…She’s not my wife…She’s not my wife…”

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Cheat....Ski Resorts!

Ski resorts are charging the arm and/or leg you’re only going to end up breaking anyway to use their snow. To take a little back from these icy crooks, head to the slopes with a friend and purchase a ski pass. Then, let about a half-hour to an hour pass, and go to customer service complaining that your ski pass fell off. (If they ask you how, tell them you’re a novice skier and ate it one too many times.) Shown them your receipt as proof of purchase, and off you go with a free lift ticket. Works every time.

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Q: submitted by jack
I've got to tell you that my boyfriend showed me this site a year ago and I love it. I love the POD and check out some of the links almost every day. OK, you guys rule and now for my question. ;-) A girlfriend of mine told me that if a guy blew air into my vagina he could possibly kill me. This totally freaks me out and I can not stop thinking about it when my boyfriend goes down on me! Is it true?

wow, this is a unique one. at first i thought for sure that this was not possible but then i started doing some reading. turns out it is indeed possible. what could happen is an air could get into the blood and cause an embolism. an embolism is the sudden obstrucion of a blood vessel by an abnormal this case an air bubble. thats the bad/scary news. hear is the good news. it is EXTREMELY unlikely to happen and even to make it remotely possible a guy would have to blow at full force for a continual amount of time. the kind of force it would take to blow up a thick ballon with a very small hole is the magnitude i'm talking here...and even with that it is still only a VERY VERY VERY small chance. so the moral of the story? don't sweat it, enjoy oral sex as usual and if a guy ever tries to blow you up like a balloon give him a swift quick to the head!


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AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Authorities in this eastern Georgia city have been busy investigating odd thefts of beer from convenience stories, where the suspects run out the door screaming "Yahoo." The robberies have been reported as far away as Texas, and it's become known as "Yahooing beer." The problem has been particularly bad in Augusta. "It is a big problem. Two of our stores got hit on the same night," said Denise Price, who manages an Amoco gas station in Augusta. A college student from Texas who was arrested for allegedly stealing beer described the process on his Web site. "You run into the store, grab a six-pack, and run out while yelling 'Yahooooooo!"' he wrote. "The whole process takes about 20 seconds. Before the store clerk has any time or thought to act, you're gone." This student got away with his crime the first night, but wasn't as fortunate the second time. Pam Neal, a manager at Holiday Market stores in Augusta, had run-ins with the thieves, too. "If we don't get a tag number, all we can do is file a police report," she said. "The last time, they backed out all the way out of the parking lot so I couldn't get the number. They had apparently done it before." Catching the thieves is made more difficult because many stores don't want to prosecute the beer bandits. They see the hassle of going through the court process not worth the small price of the stolen beer. "All that does is promote it," Richmond County Sheriff Department Maj. Richard Weaver said, adding that the crime goes unpunished nine out of 10 times. Weaver has his own ideas of how to stop these robberies. "It's a pity someone isn't there to snatch them up when they yell 'Yahoo,"' he said.

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