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A young Native American boy approaches to his mother one day with a puzzled look on his face. “Say, mom, why is my bigger brother named ‘Mighty Storm’?” “Because he was conceived during a mighty storm.” “Well, why is my sister named ‘Cornflower’?” “Well, your father and I were in a cornfield, when we made her.” “And why is my other sister called ‘Moonchild’?” “We were watching the moonlanding while she was conceived…” “…Tell me, Torn Rubber, why are you so curious?”

Pet Cemetary - Crazy Kitty.
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StarMan 2012 - He's the man.
Taliban Call! - Osama fun.
Free Tools!
Your house is coming apart, and whats worse is that your tools are even worse. To get some free tools, hit garage sales, yard sales and the flea market. Pick up some carftman tools (no matter what condition) for pennies on the dollar. Then go back to Sears and return to the tools for completly brand new ones. They come with full life time warranty. Now go fix your house.

Q: submitted by Tim

I've been married for 24 years and have a seemingly satisfying sexual life. My wife is willing and always open to new ideas but for some reason, I, and she, seemed to be getting bored. If we smoke a big fat one and do it, it is always better but there is just the sameness about the whole thing. We've tried different locations, doing the "pick you up at a bar" thing and various other attempts to spice things up but it seems to become a repeat of all we have done before no matter what. When I mean we have tried it all, I mean that. All holes, role playing etc and so forth. You being the all wise and knowing person that you are can you suggest anything to spice it up? We've done toys, positions, you name it. I don't think an added partner is an answer as my wife is open minded but loves me without limits but would be unwilling to experiment in this direction and I agree that it would probably only add complications that we neither want nor need. What do you suggest? Helpless in

hey sublimers...take notice, this is a real man. he has what it takes to be married for 24 years, makes his wife comfortable enough to try different things, respects her limits and takes the time to seek some advice rather than going out and find satisfaction outside of his marriage. my first suggestion would have been to smoke a fatty but seems you've got that covered. ;-) you have run the gamut with the toys, role-playing and such. the only things i know of that you have not tried yet are viagra and rush. viagra definitely can spice things up and is not just for you either..have your wife take some and her vagina walls will be throbbing with pleasure. there are many places online where you can pick up viagra..just search for viagra online at and plenty will come up. you can also try this new stuff from that is supposed to be rubbed on her clit and increases sensitivity. i have not tried this one but i have had a close friend give it a thumbs up. now this may not be directly for you but if your wife is drenching the sheets from cumming so hard i'm sure it will be nice for you too. ;-) the last thing is called rush and can be found here. i've talked about this before. it is a "vcr cleaner" that people inhale. they were called "poppers" or "amyls" in the 70s. the way they work is by dilating the blood vessels in your "private areas" so that your dong or vagina feel like a throbbing pleasure centers. DISCLAIMER: to everyone reading this...I AM NOT A not take anything without consulting your doctor first. for that matter..DON'T LISTEN TO ANYTHING I SAY WITHOUT CONSULTING A DOCTOR AND PSYCHOLOGIST. now..that takes care of things you can take for the experience to be physically different. lets look at some things we can do to spice it up mentally. you mentioned that your wife was not into introducing a second partner (which i agree with..more cons than pros on that one) but how about a strip club? the smell of sex is in the air and it really can be a nice experience for couples. you also didn't mention pornos but i suspect you have already tried that out. also depending on how open your wife is you can try and get an escort to come to your house and spice things up. i'm not talking about another partner here...i'm talking about your wife and her doing some light petting and then your wife and you having sex in front of her while she masturbates, plays with your wife's tits, etc. this is kind of the best of both worlds. introducing something new but without the emotional baggage of fooling around with a third partner. this last idea is a little extreme but is quite fun when the couple involved are mature and trust each other (and i definitely think your wife and you fit the bill). i think these are some fun new things to try so give them a shot and let me know how it goes! ;-)


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More Extremist Muslims: In October, a judge in Sokoto, Nigeria, ordered Ms. Safiya Hassaini, 35, stoned to death for adultery while her probable partner (her cousin, Yahaya Abubakar, 60) had the same charge against him dropped for insufficient evidence. (The evidence against Hassaini was that she is not currently married but had just given birth.) Sokoto is one of the northern Nigerian states that practice Muslim Sharia law, and as with the Afghanistan Taliban, posses of men with clubs roam the country looking for lawbreakers. Another quirk in the law: Though Hassaini is on death row, she was released on bail to care for the kid brie fly, after which time she is supposed to report back to court so she can be killed.


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