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Hypocritical Oath:
A doctor enters his examination room to find a beautiful woman waiting in a paper gown. He starts the examination by rubbing her breasts. “Do you know what I’m doing?” he asks. “Yes, checking for cancer,” she says. “That’s right,” he says, marveling at her amazing body. He leans her back on the examination table and starts giving her a gynecological exam. Crazed with desire, and noticing her eyes are closed, he stands up and unzips his pants. The woman doesn’t flinch. He decides to go for it and puts Tab A in Slot B. “Do you know what I am doing now?” he asks. “Yeah, getting gonorrhea. That’s why I’m here.”

Baby Opera -Flash Fun.
The Tunnel. -Freaky!
Worlds Heaviest People -Disturbing!
How Are You -In 425 Different Languages!
A-Blast -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week

Disgusted by the thought of paying your local Blockbuster $6.50 for a lousy video game? All you have to do is rent one game, play it for three or four out of the five days, and take it back. Complain to the clerk that, when you get to a particular part of the game, it freezes. The clerk will let you look for a replacement copy, at which time you can just get a different game and tell him/her that you couldn’t find another copy of the original game. I do it all the time, and can even do it every week as long as they don’t remember me. Hell, for six bucks an hour, I’m not gonna remember anything but what time I get off!

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Q: submitted by Zack

I need to buy a computer for school and would like a powerful one but also reasonable at the same time. Is there any you suggest? How about where to get it? Btw, sublime rules!

Well, you really can't go wrong these days with a computer. Even the cheapest one's are pleanty powerful for everything you will find yourself using. Prices have come down so much that you can probably splurge and get something with a flat screen. Anything with over 1ghz processor is plenty:

1. Bargain Basement:under $500
see it here
-white box clone system
-p4, lots of ram, cdrw and dvd
- everything u need, but without a monitor

2. Space Saver: $850
see it here
- smallest in the world
- quite powerful
- needs monitor though

3. Nice System: $1000
see it here
-p4 2Ghz, 128megs of ram, cdrw, 17" flat screen
-nice looking, speakers, etc.

4.Mack Daddy: $2510
see it here
- when only the best will do
- p4 3 Ghz, 512 ram, larg hard drive, mac graphics and sounds monster system, comes in great colors

You reall can't go wrong with any of these, just decide how much you want to spend :) Enjoy your porn!


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TURIN, Italy -- Thou shalt not commit adultery . . . unless you want a stronger marriage! According to a new study, husbands and wives who cheat on each other are more likely to stay together. Dr. Lucielle Ostertag from the Italian Institute of Social Sciences conducted the controversial research. "I started the analysis project to discover how damaging infidelity was to marriages," says Dr. Ostertag. "I was as surprised as everyone when the numbers proved that cheating on your spouse is actually good for your marriage." According to the scientific survey, the more extramarital flings a couple enjoys, the more likely they are to remain together and the happier they will be. "Some of the strongest unions I studied included spouses who each were involved in repeated extramarital affairs throughout the relationship," explains Dr. Ostertag. "My findings have turned our preconceived notion of the strength of monogamy on its head." Christian psychologist and family values researcher Rob Hallidoy finds the study troubling. "This study is irresponsible and unsound," exclaims Hallidoy. "I don't care what her research shows, adultery simply is not good for families." "Not every extramarital affair is good," admits Dr. Ostertag. "Long-term relationships outside of marriage were found to be quite damaging. Also, test subjects who had flings with local townsfolk did not enjoy the marital benefits that were realized by those who had flings with people who lived far away." Dr. Ostertag has developed a set of guidelines for those who want to try cheating as a way of making their marriage stronger. The Long Distance Rule: Any time you are out of your own area code, it doesn't count as cheating. Even better is to be out of state. Dr. Ostertag notes the further you are away from home, the better off you are, as it increases the likelihood of not getting caught. Don't Ask/Don't Tell: Never ask your spouse about their infidelities, and never say a word about yours. The less you both know, the better. Live guilt-free: As long as you and your spouse have an understanding that you can both cheat equally, neither of you ever has to feel any guilt about what you have done. Don't keep in touch with the people you cheat with: A one-night stand is supposed to be just that: One night of passion. Any time you try to extend it beyond that, you run the risk of hurt feelings and jealousy. Dr. Ostertag notes that after many years of marriage, partners can grow tired of each other. "It's inevitable for some familiarity to set in. But by bringing a little variety in, with new short-term partners, you can help keep a relationship healthy and strong for many years to come."

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"What a prick"-Jake
"Darlin, I picked you up a little sompthin on My last trip to Mexico , I think a shot of Penicillin might jest fix it though!! "-P
"I didn't know cactus was wood"-M

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