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A wild rabbit is captured and taken to a laboratory. While there he befriends a rabbit who has spent his entire life at the facility. One evening the lab assistant forgets to lock the cage, and the wild rabbit suggests an escape. “I’m not sure,” says the lab rabbit. “This is the only home I know.” “Come on,” insists the wild rabbit. “We’ll get laid all night long.” The lab rabbit agrees, and they hop to a field where they each bonk 50 hottie females. As the sun begins to rise, the lab rabbit says, “I gotta get back to the lab.” “Why?” asks the wild rabbit. “Aren’t you enjoying yourself?” “Yeah, but I’m dying for a cigarette.”

Finish Moves -Mortal Kombat Style.
Santa's Letters -Nice Gift Idea.
Rules. -Beer Drinking!
Internet Quiz -Prob The Best Ever!
Nude Teen Stick Figures -WTF!
Topless Volleyball -Game Of The Week!
Tip and Trick of the Week
Cheat....Fast Food Joints!

Here’s an easy way to get a free sandwich or drink at a fast food drive-thru. Just place your order, minus one or two items like a drink or second sandwich. When you get to the window, tell the cashier you’d like to add the item(s) you left out. Rather than going through the trouble of changing the order, they will almost always just give you the extra stuff free. I’ve gotten up to two burgers and a drink free with orders in the past.

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Q: submitted by Troy

whenever i go down on my girlfriend she says it tickles and wants me to stop. she says i'm doing it right just it tickles too much for her to handle. i can get her to orgasm through intercourse and through "fingering" but not from oral stimulation. is there something wrong with her or am i just crazy?

you are in the same boat with many men my friend. so just be happy that there is nothing wrong with her and you are not crazy! ;-) lots of women out there are ticklish and just the thought of oral sex for many women is enough for them to tense up. also, many women have extremely sensitive clits so direct/strong stimulation can be overwhelming. if this is the case you have to take it REALLY slow and REALLY light. don't just go in there like a weed wacker trying to mow down the bush if you know what i mean. a glass of wine or two may also help to calm the nerves. if this doesn't help try doing some sucking instead of licking. this drives some women crazy and might not be as ticklish to her. if you've tried all of the above and she is still ticklish then just use one of the many other ways to get her to orgasm...and if you really feel the need to lick something try tossing her salad!


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Get Out Of My Bidness

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Two teams of Canadian engineers are completing their low-budget rockets and have begun seeking volunteer astronauts for a 2003 launch date to go 62 miles into space to win the St. Louis-based X Prize competition (which pays (U.S.) $10 million). The rockets (and those of about 20 other international contestants) are the "Cessnas" of the space industry, costing around (U.S.) $3 million to $5 million each to build. The astronauts will receive some training, but the engineers admit the adventure is hardly for the risk-averse. [Edmonton Journal-Canadian Press, 11-12-02]

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"Little Johnny was amazed at the puple satin thong his Uncle Steve was wearing under the kilt"-Varnus
"What a great set of pipes he's got"-Roj
"Rugby shirt: $22.
White shorts: $18.
Getting a quart of partially-digested haggis in your eye when Angus hits the high-C: priceless. "-Mike

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