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One day 3 guys got stranded on an island. They are captured by cannibals and as they beg for their lives the Chief of the Cannibal says "Ok, ok... I'll give you 2 trials that you must pass in order to save your lives". "The first one one is... You must pick 10 fruits all of the same kind and bring them to me. So they set off. After a while, the first guy comes back with 10 apples. The Chief then tells him "Ok, now you have to shove all of them up your ass and you must NOT flinch or anything." So he starts shoving the apples up his ass, but on the second one he lets out a scream. So they immediately kill him and eat him. The second guy then comes back and he has 10 Berries. The Chief then tells him "Ok, now you have to shove all of them up your ass and you must NOT flinch or anything." He starts shoving the berries up his ass, and as he shoves the 9th berry up his ass he starts to laugh. They immediately kill him and eat him. The first guy and the second guy meet up at the gates of Heaven, the first guy asks the second guy "Why did you laugh, you could have lived..." And the second guy replies "I was fine until I saw that other guy coming with all those watermelons!!!"

Real or fake -Breast Mystery.
Canned Foods! -Wierd Site.
Thug life -How to guide!!
Corporate Mascot Test -Which one are you!
Dirty Sanchez -Britney Style.
Car Overheating!
If you car is overheating, put the windows down and crank up the heater full blast. This will lower the temperature, and give you enough time to drive to the nearest garage.

Q: submitted by My

I have a problem that I figure you can help me out with. Big fan of the site btw. Well Im going out with this freaky ass chick and she gave me a cock ring for x mas. I know what its used for but i need to know how to put it on lol. Might sound funny to you man but i need some help when ever you can email me back with this answer, And if you can send a graphic like when you made that one for anal sex vs str8 up the pussy.

first lets go over the idea behind the cock ring. let blood flow into the penis through the veins that run right down the middle of your dick and restrict blood flow out of the veins that are more towards the surface of your penis. the result is a swollen penis that stays hard for days. j/ should not leave this thing on for more the 20-30 minutes. besides having a swollen hard penis, which is nice for your lover, the sensation in your penis can be enhanced. i have found that they are fun every once in awhile just to shake things up a bit but they tend to get in the way and with my jetti mind erection techniques i can stay hard for days anyways. ;-) there are mainly two kinds of cock rings. the kind that go around your dong and your nuts and the kind that go just around the base of your dong. usually the kind that go around both your dong and nuts are leather and the kind that go just around the base are metal, plastic or a stretchy jelly. some guys slip them on before they get hard and some put them on after. it depends on the person and the cock ring. the flexible ones are easily put on after getting an erection but the hard metal and plastic ones can be more of a challenge. with the rigid ones you have to lose your erection sometimes just to get them off..which is a scary feeling and something i do not like. this is why the strecthy ones are a good starter ring. it is also a good idea to shave, or at least trim, some of the hair down there and lube it up a bit. there is nothing erotic about having your nut hairs all twisted up in a rubber band on steroids. as always the key here is to give it a try and have fun with it. if you like the feeling of being extra hard but don't like a tight object around your penis give viagra a shot. per request here is a diagram of a cock ring in action.


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Beer Boy!

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Want a beer!
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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (Reuters) - Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has launched a stern crackdown on Cambodia's nightlife, unveiled a new punishment Wednesday for rogue karaoke bars -- destruction by tanks. ``If we know of any karaoke parlor still open, go to close it immediately and take tanks to knock it down,'' Hun Sen told a military commander during a speech broadcast on state radio. Last month Hun Sen ordered thousands of nightclubs, discotheques and karaoke parlors to close in a nationwide crackdown on vice. The move sparked protests from thousands of people who said their livelihoods had been destroyed


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